Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Rabies Clinic Schedule

The Nashoba Associated Boards of Health, in cooperation with local veterinarians, will provide rabies immunization for dogs and cats. All dogs and cats over six (6) months of age, not previously immunized, and those with a blue rosette (2009) rabies tag, must be immunized. The vaccine provided at Nashoba Clinics is effective for three (3) years for dogs and cats over one (1) year of age and currently immunized. Dogs and cats between the ages of six (6) and twelve (12) months and those who have let their immunization lapse must receive a booster within one (1) year of the initial inoculation. They are then protected for three (3) years.


Cats must be brought in cages or closed boxes during the last half of any clinic. The tag for 2012 will be a red heart. The charge per immunization is $10.00 (unless otherwise noted). Residents of Nashoba member towns may attend any of the following clinics. All pet owners must present, to participating veterinarian, proof of current vaccination to receive a three (3) year rabies vaccination. Failure to do so will result in your pet receiving a one (1) year vaccination.

Ashby/TownsendSmithSat. 3/109:00-11:00 amWest Townsend
Fire Station

*Must bring copy of Rabies Cert.* *Parking in back of Fire Station* *Complete Requirements*

Complete List of Towns with rabies imunization clinics in the Nashoba area. You may use any Nashoba clinic.

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