Thursday, February 24, 2011

Agenda for Selectmen's Meeting March 2, 2011


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

1. 7:00 p.m. - Selectmen Open Board of Selectmen’s Meeting

2. Representative Bastien and Senator Flanagan Discuss FY2012 Budget

3. Selectmen Approve Minutes of February 16, 2011

4. Selectmen Approve Payroll Warrant W35P in the amount of $____________, Vendor Warrant W36B in the amount of $__________, Vendor Warrant W36B1 in the amount of $_____________

5. Request for Selectmen’s Approval and Signature on Request for Reserve Fund Transfer #11-26 in the amount of $200.00 to the Police Expense Account

6. Selectmen Discuss USDA Community Programs Direct Loan (Treasurer)

7. Request for Selectman’s Signature on Amendments for CDBG FY10 Housing Rehabilitation and Infrastructure Programs and CDBG FY09 Joint Housing Rehabilitation Program (11 Total - MRPC)

8. Request for Selectmen’s Appointment of Mary Krapf to the Economic Development Plan Committee (Alan Pease)

9. Selectmen Designate Two Representatives for Group Solar RFP Evaluations or Vote to have Separate Evaluation at Working Session (Alan Pease)

10. Selectmen Discuss Daley Drive (Alan Pease)

11. Request for Selectmen’s Acceptance of the Resignation of George Beauregard as Municipal Grounds Keeper effective March 1, 2011

12. Request for Selectmen’s Permission to Hold 5k Benefit Road Race on April 9th

13. Request for Selectmen’s Permission to Hold Annual Girl Scout 5k Benefit Road Race and Use of Allen Field on June 4th

14. Assistant to the Board of Selectmen’s Report

15. Public Comments (if any)

16. Adjourn

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