Thursday, December 28, 2017

New Tax Bill Format & Combined Tax Bills

Starting with this week’s mailing of the bills due February 1st, all real estate and personal property tax bills will be printed, sorted for bulk rate and/or multi-stuffed by Globe Direct located in Taunton, MA.   Only those bills with an exact 100% match for both naming and addresses will be multi-stuffed.
Our new bill layouts are printed on both sides; see samples below.  Bills scheduled for Dec 28thmailing.

                2-window envelope                       RealEstate                          PersonalProperty

At our last town meeting, Ashby voters approved the combining of smaller real estate and personal property tax billings.  Taxpayers who were used to receiving 4 quarterly tax bills ranging from $0.01 up to $25.00, will now only receive two tax billings per year.  For example:
A $4.17 tax assessment which historically billed quarterly as:  $1.04 + $1.04 + $1.05 + $1.04, will now bill as $2.08 due Aug1st and $2.09 due Feb1st.  At the higher end of the eligible range:

A $50.00 annual tax (the cap for combining bills) will be $25.00 due Aug1st and $25.00 due Feb1st.

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