Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Draft Sustainable Economic Development Plan

Meet Saturday, Nov. 19th, 9:30 am, in the Library to discuss and hear comment on the goals and implementation of the Draft Sustainable Economic Development Plan.

GOAL 1: To provide the necessary infrastructure for a successful sustainable economy.

  • · Encourage and seek funding for local road improvement.
  • · Investigate and seek funding for public water & sewer in the Village Center.
  • · Rehab Grange building as a community or business center.
  • · Encourage alternate energy sources including alternatives to Unitil.

GOAL 2: To proactively meet local labor and training needs for current and future businesses.

  • · Promote the establishment of a formal apprenticeship program in both the NMRS and the Monty Tech that meet local business needs.
  • · Establish a local labor registry to match local businesses with people seeking work.

GOAL 3: To develop a sustainable local economic base that provides essential products and services to local residents and captures external dollars as a supplement to local revenue but not establish a fiscal dependency.

  • · Identify existing artisanal industries, trades, and services, determine their needs, and establish policies and programs to support them.
  • · Investigate the potential of establishing a small business incubator facility.
  • · Investigate needs of equine and farm businesses, to support their continued existence and to encourage more of these types of businesses.
  • · Develop connections to tour busses and other organized tourism programs that visit or pass through Ashby.
  • · Develop a unique one-of-a-kind festival to bring people from all parts of the region to increase tourism and bring in external dollars.

GOAL 4: To strategically use public policy to improve the economic development climate and foster a sustainable economy.

  • · Develop and improve local land use regulations that encourage the sustainable land uses and patterns of development.
  • · establishment of specific roles in local government that will enhance economic development opportunities and improve the overall business climate.
  • · Develop a unified permitting program that allows for greater ease of handling complex or multi-board development applications.

GOAL 5: To develop tools and resources to better market, organize, and seek assistance for Ashby businesses.

  • · Encourage the establishment of a peer-to-peer organization such as a local chamber of commerce, village center merchants association, or similar to engage in marketing, outreach, event planning, organization and lobbying.
  • · Encourage the establishment of a local newsletter or newspaper that provides advertising for local businesses.
  • · Develop a tri-fold brochure marketing Ashby’s assets.
  • · Establish a kiosk for placing brochures about Ashby and local Ashby businesses.

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