Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Economic Development Plan Needs Public Input

Sustainable Economic Development Plan Needs Public Input from Business Owners & Citizens

at the Library on Saturday, May 21, at 9:15 am, all are welcome.

The Ashby Economic Development Committee is drafting a Sustainable Economic Development Plan and public input is a critical element of the plan. The plan will include the goals and objectives for the sustainable economic development in Ashby. The Committee needs input from business owners and citizens. We will focus on Ashby's strengths, its weaknesses, and what we, as a group, can do better to improve the viability of the businesses in our community.

An open meeting is scheduled to gain insight from the public concerning future economic development improvements to Ashby. Everyone with an interest in Ashby’s economic development is encouraged to attend including citizens, business owners, local and state officials and others. A visioning session led by Ashby’s Land Use Agent, Chris Ryan and MRPC planner(s) Jennifer Siciliano and John Hume will be part of the meeting.

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  1. Unfortunately, I cannot attend the meeting but I would like to know if any minutes will be posted and where.
    I recently moved to Ashby and I am very interested in Economic Development of small communities (keeping in mind that attracting businesses is a key while maintaining the rural character of the town) . Does the MRPC have a presentation available (could be put on the Town website...)
    Thank you!