Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Town Hall Bulletin Board at Monty Tech

Monty Tech Cabinet Shop Students Construct Bulletin Board for Ashby Town Hall

Monty tech working on bulletin board

Ashby bulletin board on the floor in the cabinet shop at Monty Tech. The glass, the doors and the roof are not yet installed.

bulletin board at Monty Tech

Students standing up the bulletin board to move it.

The bulletin board will be located in front of Town Hall.

bulletin board at Monty Tech

Up and ready to go on the cart.

It will be used for posting public meetings, warrants and elections.

bulletin board at Monty Tech

On to the cart.

The bulletin board will comply with the new Open Meeting Law.

bulletin board at Monty Tech

Ready to move out. Jim Brook, the teacher in charge of the construction is on the left.

Thank You Monty Tech!

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